Startup waste to energy


Events contested startup business concept nationally.

A huge task to get early 2020, with the business idea contest. Waste to power plant The competition concept into waste management plant.

Students of the University of university campuses across the country. To submit project ideas come from the prepared. Ministry of Energy and ERC office.

The project requires students to student learning and understanding the benefits of garbage.

That would translate into something of value in this company, we have been held throughout the project has been overwhelming response from participants

Business Concepts distributed to students for ideas to start a business.

These activities must be given to the university and our tournament format. The company will support the equipment used

in the preparation stage for the opening vdo atmosphere billboards. And preparation of advertising to children interested students.

See details The whole point of Lahore and the results of their work. With a national scale, the organizers have made great

by the customer to a national level.

Event activities are roadshow

This activity is intended for participants and residents surrounding the college have the knowledge and understanding of

processes related to waste management. The roadshow works of students, it is important to promote.

Let someone else have a better understanding of the work conducted by the roadshow focused on spreading

awareness to the community. The company has provided the team with MC and keypad device at all.

To work out the most successful

Advertising Management and Public Relations

In addition, the university will have to advertise it. Our company has been helping advertisers. To those who have not seen

the ads more bedrooms. A recording activities.

The images and video In the place To demonstrate the continuity of activities and public relations on the other.

Event country to work, it must be professional.

With the expertise of the organizers of the event, we are a big event. All we can do small jobs We have a team of

experienced and professional. It works out as well as the professional arena contest.

Opening and closing events roadshow to introduce or promote. It was done according to customer requirements

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