Snowy Weizen


Big football event of the 2019-2020 season.

Football is the biggest resulting from the collaboration of renowned brands with entertainment. Snowy weizen beer brand is the brand that is popular among Gen y onwards.

Event View Premium work with a fun activity in many applications such as 4 Supergirl & artists famous.

There are also fun activities and great giveaways at the event. For the grand prize in The participants are eligible to win tickets to watch the game live.

The UK The event has received from fans of football clubs a lot.

Marketing and brand promotion activities to spread out into society.

The event in this format. The management, promotion, marketing and distribution of the brand to the customer directly.

It is no direct brand competitors. It also opened the famous shop.

With sales and median Puerto cent of sales to the brand Snowy weizen itself.

Not only the fans or fans of artists as customers, but marketing this form to send sales to existing customers of the store as well.

A public relations and advertising activities to make known.

Advertising and PR A major milestone in the marketing plan. In this activity, advertising, and the relationship before work began.

Using both online and offline.

It also adds offline Kol influencers to market a new form of Social Media that gives better results than just advertising images and text.

Activities to raise the Cup freever back up again in Thailand.

Activity in the past. There is a widely held in the United States. But the time to do the most work in this way reduced.

But in the past have made that football is always current. No matter how long time has passed and is ready to be viewed at any time.

In addition, brands and snowy wizen was foreseen. In the event a similar pattern. But also smaller and less compared to the projection of both our

customers and suppliers, it is considered a success in this activity

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