Kopper Tour Thailand


Kopper Thailand and around the Duo-may.

Tour Concerts brand Kopper artist duo Ramey with hits on youtube, more than 100 million views, the brand Kopper foresees sales channels in this event has established a new artist with loud music on.

present Tour concert, along with the brand. By leading artists and brands to be as famous entertainment venues around the country.

The rand has prepared a promotional sale for merchants who want to participate and have a beer Kopper was sold with an artist to play at the store itself. Has been well received

The Activities

There are artists, and beer Kopper go into stores that already. The brand has PG beautiful girl to cheer for in order to stimulate customer demand for more.

There is also a promotional venue to buy it cheaper than ever before.

A market that the company has cooperated with Kopper to spur faster sales activities as well.

Advertising and PR

The company has made contact supply shops, entertainment venues across the country

who are interested in attending the event are used to mold Ad promotion. After finishing the job,

along with a photo opportunity in an atmosphere to the restaurant and brand.

Go to the next ad The market in this format. See the truth than the big events.

Kopper made the choice to market the brand to our company.

Activities that promote sales and marketing of all parties.

Our company has a connection to the store, along with a form of marketing professionals.

The result of the successful activities very much.

The sales of the brand Kopper Top of the more well-known artists and events throughout Thailand Kopper

Kopper is still a market where brands are interested to participate in this campaign in the future.

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